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FAQs & Roadmap
  • So what is an NFT (non-fungible token)?
    A Non-Fungible Token is a special kind of crypto asset in which each token is unique — as opposed to “fungible” assets like Bitcoin and dollar bills, which are all worth exactly the same amount. Because every NFT is unique, they can be used to authenticate ownership of digital assets like artworks.
  • What Blockchain do WeCreatures live on?
    - Great question! These creatures live all over the place! We believe in a total decentalized creative world and wish to adapt that mindset to our collection by embracing multiple blockchains! Our collections live on the following chains: - *NEW* WeCreatures FamWe - FANTOM - WeCreatures Originals - ETHEREUM - WeCreatures Sightings - TEZOS - WALLS by WeCreatures - ETHEREUM
  • How do I collect/buy a WeCreatures FamWe Member?
    - Simply connect your Fantom Mainnet compatible wallet to this site and click mint!
  • What wallet do you recommend we use?
    ⁃ Many wallets to chose from but we are fans of: - MetaMask FANTOM - WeCreatures FamWe ETHEREUM - WeCreatures Originals ETHEREUM - WALLS by WeCreatures - Kukai TEZOS - WeCreatures Sightings
  • How do I get FANTOM on my MetaMask wallet?
    - If you're a reader, here's a blog post directly from FANTOMs site giving you a screen shot walk through on how get you FANTOM wallet up and running on MetaMask Setup FANTOM on MetaMask - If you're more of a visual learner, here's a great video that takes 3min to explain the setup process. We like videos ☺️ Add FANTOM Network to MetaMask - @CryptoJar_Net
  • Where do I buy FANTOM currency?
    Binance.US allows for USDC to buy/trade FANTOM MAINNET currency. This is the platform that we've used to buy from and transfer from. Not an affiliate link.
  • Why FANTOM?
    - Let us start by saying we're not experts nor financial advisors in any capacity so anything we state here is strictly the opinion of our own and not to be considered as financial advice. With that said we've been in the market since 3/2021 and have seen the Fantom community consistently grow. The community has been incredibly supportive and we are proud to be a part of something new. The low gas fees are a nice bonus too.
  • 🚨NEW - Tell me about WeCreatures FamWe...
    - 777 fun lil FamWe Members that love to have a good time! Collecting a FamWe Member grants you VIP access to a fun, ongoing creative party (flexible roadmap) that is ever growing and evolving. Join our community to hear all about the upcoming fun n' games! - 99 additional WeCreatures FamWe OG 💪 These are the FamWe Members that are considered the explorers, pioneers & organizers of this event.
  • How much is it to collect a WeCreatures FamWe Member?
    - Each WeCreatures FamWe Member will be 77FTM (plus gas ⛽️) at MINT. - A max of 7 FamWe Members maybe minted at once
  • Where can I collect WeCreatures FamWe after mint?
    WeCreatures FamWe will be available on PaintSwap.Finance as well as other Fantom Mainnet compatible trade sites.
  • Tell me about WeCreatures Originals...
    99 animated creatures that found their way to our planet a long time ago, hidden in plain sight. 👀 These are considered OGs.
  • Tell me about WeCreatures Sightings...
    - WAIT!! 📸 did you see that?!? WeCreatures Sightings have been popping up all over town! Can you catch one? All are 1/10

Consider this a preview to a Flexible RoadMap™

  • Collector Collaboration Challenge 🤝

  • Discord Exclusive Playlists 🎧

  • Sticker Books 🤩

  • Limited Run Merch 👚

  • NFT Giveaway's 🎁

  • ... more fun!


Stay Tuned!

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