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📖 Story time! How WeCreatures was born ❤️

July 2012 we decided to paint an awesome mural on the wall of our first apartment. It was for our daughter who was 2 at the time. We love the characters so much we named em “WeCreatures” 🤓 got a domain, Twitter, all the necessary tools.

⬇️ (our old apartment)

Fast forward to October 2020, lil’z love to play, code, design on with her friend 💻 On Oct 13th she runs up to Antonia & says “mom! Can you draw me a cute lil animal in a ghost costume costume for a Halloween game I’m doing?!” Sure! 🤓❤️ she drew one up in minutes and it was super cute! WeCreatures #01 was born and we didn’t even know it yet!

⬇️ (our notebook)

Now we move on to March 15, 2021 and we open our @opensea account and decide to turn that lil creature idea into something real!!

So without further ado we humbly present WeCreature #01 — born Oct 13 2020 ❤️ Come say hi to #01 as well as all the other 99 total WeCreatures Originals in this fun family collection. Thanks for your time ❤️💪🙏


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