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WeCreatures FamWe

Fun lil FamWe Members that love to have a good time! 

Collecting a FamWe Member grants you VIP access a fun, ongoing creative party (flexible roadmap) that is ever growing and evolving. Join our community to hear all about the upcoming fun n' games!

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Available on FANTOM!

FamWe Members

WeCreatures FamWe Members are all made up of over 77 Traits. These traits were all organically generated by rolling eight different 20 sided dice 777 times,
yes really 777 times, to
determine each combination. Some are more rare than others but all are loved the same ❤️ Among all these FamWe members are a few hidden gems!⭐️

 7️⃣  Super Rare Multi Colored WeCreatures

7️⃣  One of a kind FamWe Member Ultra Rare

WeCreature FamWe!

Welcome to the
Other Collections

WeCreatures Originals, the one that stared it all!

99 animated OG WeCreatures that found their way to our planet and are just trying to figure out life! Come say hi 👋

Collection of the WeCreatures Originals caught 📸 out in the wild! Pieces live on the Tezos Blockchain 


A beautifully simple collection of pixels made of each  WeCreature Original color palette. Perfectly fitted for twitter banner WALL 🖼

WeCreatures FamWe Team

Creative Director


Dev Team

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Assistant Creative

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